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Beatchain launches new distribution tool Hypelinks

Beatchain, a new data science and digital marketing platform, has released its most recent tool, Hypelinks, which allows independent artists to manage multi-platform distribution and share their music on every major platform — Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, and more — with one simple smartlink. Hypelinks can be set up in minutes through the Beatchain app.

The company said that the data from a Beatchain Hypelink "allows independent artists to know where to focus their distribution and find their fans," while providing a "treasure trove of data analytics." This new service adds to various tools provided by Beatchain to help artists build a fan base and deliver music, content, tickets and merchandise.

"Too many smartlink offerings have limited analytics and high running costs,” said Luke Mendoza, CMO of Beatchain “We saw this as a great opportunity to use our expertise with music tech to help level the playing field for independent artists."

Beatchain offers three plans: Basic, which is free but with limited services; Premium at $14.99 per month; and Superstar at $19.99 per month, allowing unlimited Hypelinks and other features.